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Brent Larsen

Making a Difference

A passion for great schools in Langley. 

Top at math, science, arts, sports and more.  Committed to listening and helping make schools a great place for all.

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The Issues At Hand

Every Child Is Valuable

As a Trustee I want to first and foremost listen to the concerns of parents. I have been spending much of my time listening to parents, grandparents, students, administrative staff

School Bus & Children

A Voice For the Parents

Brent Larsen is truly passionate about this issue, as it is makes such a difference to have parents fully engaged and listened to.

Listen to all parents concerns and suggestions.  I am listening. 

Trades and entrepreneurship

Brent Larsen is proud to support business and skilled trades. With his experience in business and also a real connection to skilled trades in my current company. Start early and get active young boys and girls passionate about carpentry, metal work, electronics and robotics.

Window Installation

All Kids Included

Brent Larsen is proud to support and include all kids in education.  He believes all beliefs and traditions should be valued and respected.  Brent will make sure kids of all backgrounds do not feel intimidated or bullied for their beliefs.  This doesn't mean each belief and value of diverse families is required to be promoted and taught as the right or wrong way, but just a way. It would not be fair to different families to not accept their traditions and beliefs.  Every child is valuable. 

Overcrowded Schools is another key topic for parents especially in the Willoughby Yorkson area. We need to plan wisely for the future as Langley is projected to grow into the future.  Currently with 21,000 students and 2,500 staff Langley is fast growing and vibrant School District.

Let's talk solutions.  We need to get ahead of the curve for planning and securing funding. 

Build Higher 

Look at using 1-2 floors of a new apartment building as a public school (of course safety first) 

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