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Overcrowded Schools is another key topic for parents especially in the Willoughby Yorkson area. We need to plan wisely for the future as Langley is projected to grow into the future.  Currently with 21,000 students and 2,500 staff Langley is fast growing and vibrant School District.

Let's talk solutions.  We need to get ahead of the curve for planning and securing funding. 

Build Higher 

Look at using 1-2 floors of a new apartment building as a public school (of course safety first) 


On the other side there is the issue of closing schools. This has to be last resort.  




SOGI123 (Sexual Orientation Gender Identification)

This certainly is a divisive issue. 


The fundamental question: Who knows best for your child, the government or the parent? I believe the parent. I will listen and be a voice for parents no matter what the issue.


Many are concerned with SOGI123, and others appreciate it.


We all desire a safe place for every child, and we don’t want bullying.


The question, is SOGI123 the solution? One thing is for certain, SOGI123 has brought us farther apart as a community and has taken attention from other key areas of education.


A few key questions that have been voiced to me include: 


Was there consultation with parents and diverse groups before this was implemented? 


If parents do have issues with content, what is their ability to move their child out for that lesson?


Shouldn’t resources be developed to include all areas of bullying?  Overweight bullying, race, speech impediments and the list could go on.


If this resource is really about anti-bullying and inclusivity, take notice of comments towards me for stating my opinion.


While other voice how could a parent not like SOGI123? It deals with bullying head on.

A preferred implementation is from the bottom (parents) and then goes to the top. SOGI123 seems to have started at the top without necessary buy in, and lack of trust is the result. 100% we need a solution and SOGI123 doesn’t appear to be that.


Children should be taught basic fundamentals of what they can do. For example, be taught more about values such as loving, caring, and sharing. Once values like this are in place, bullying shouldn’t be such an issue.


Making decisions for others without consent, but with good intentions, doesn’t usually equal good results.


I will be a voice for all parents and bring practical problem solving.

School Choice

Bringing a diverse voice and perspective.


My family feels fortunate for choice.  We chose to send our children to private school. It fit our needs as a family.  This applies to choice within the district.  I will be a supporter for trades, traditional, arts, Montessori.  I want families to be able to chose what fits their needs best.  Some say I have no business in public education.  I grew up K-12  in the public system. In fact, I just attended and help organize my 25 year grad reunion.  As a Trustee I will be totally dedicated. 


With my business background I am passionate to help bring practical problem solving to the table. 

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