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Proven Business Track Record

September 10, 2018

Langley, BC

Local businessman, Brent Larsen, is running for School Trustee in Langley School District. 

I love the mission of the Langley School District….

“To Inspire All Learners To Reach Their Full Potential And Create a

Positive Legacy for the future.”

As a School District Trustee I would be fully on board with this vision and apply decisions based on this mission. 

I have owned and operated three businesses from the age of 20.  Two businesses were sold and I continue to operate the third. I live in Murrayville with my wife, Jill, and two children. Prior to this we lived in Willoughby and Walnut Grove. I grew up in South Surrey/White Rock.

A few points I particularly care about:

Voice for parents

I will be a voice and an ear for all parents. I am listening.

Trades & Entrepreneurship  

Being a businessperson, I am passionate about trades.  In my business we deal with skilled tradespeople, and there is a shortage. Part of my vision is introducing children to these trades, and hopefully find new passions and skills they didn’t even know they had.  Also, I would like to encourage entrepreneurship.  In fact I appeared on the Dragons Den in 2011 where Kevin, Arlene and Jim were all bidding on my flax seed business, Omega Crunch.   

My suggestion is wood, metal, electronics, and robotics exposure as early as grade 3. 

All Traditions Valued

All beliefs and traditions are to be valued. Students should enjoy free speech and share their ideas, values and dreams openly. 

Over-crowding issues

I have often thought why are schools full so quickly?  How about building up higher on the same amount of land.

Over the next six weeks our team will be working hard to earn the trust and votes of Langley Township voters. 

Attached is a picture you can use in your publications.

Thanks for your interest in our recently launched campaign. Stay tuned for more information and events.

Every Child is Valuable! 

Best Regards,

Brent Larsen

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